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  • The Dancing Dandelion Flower Shop of Las Vegas
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About us

We are YOUR true family owned and operated florist, serving the entire Las Vegas community. We take great pride in always sourcing the freshest flowers from all corners of the world, the most unique and meaningful roses, and customer service is really our number one focus. If you are used to ordering flowers from a national internet retailer, you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of attention we give to you and your order. We know you have many choices when it comes to sending flowers to someone you care about, but we hope that after having used us once, we will become YOUR personal florist for life.

A Note On Sizes


Most of our products will have a size option to choose from when you are adding them to your cart. Here is a brief description of what those sizes mean.


Good: This size is just slightly smaller than the picture and is our budget priced size.

Better: This is the size that is shown in the picture on the product page.

Best: This size has roughly 30% more flowers than the picture and will be fuller.

WOW!: This size has roughly 60% more flowers than the picture and is meant to impress.


Some arrangements have only a "Deluxe Upgrade" option.

If you select this option we will either add more expensive specialty flowers to increase the beauty of the bouquet or make the bouquet 25% larger and more full depending on the design style.